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Recycling fee

The prices in our online stores already contain all the recycling fees.

From 13.8.2005 entered into force the new Waste Act, which applies to all electrical and electronic equipment. The aim of the act is to prevent and reduce the creation of electrical waste by the means of reuse and recycling of used electrical equipment. All manufacturers and importers of electrical equipment have to contribute financially to the collective system which is used for the recyclation.

List of charges (PHE) for the recycling of electrical appliances

Category Type Recyclation fee VAT included
Phones Mobile phones incl. accessories, headphones, hard drives, flash drives, accessories for home appliances and white goods 1,- Kč
small appliances
(audio, video, navigation)
Video - accessories, office and VoIP phones, dictaphones, portable devices (radios and clock radios), MP3 players, navigation systems, PDA, computers 6,- Kč
small appliances
(white goods)
Coffee makers, irons, toasters, electric knives, mixers, processors, toasters, deep fryers, kettles, fans, kitchen scales, hair dryers, espresso makers, citrus press, juicers, bread making machines, meat grinders, electric grills, food dehydrators, hairdryers, steam cookers, humidifiers, personal care (shavers, hair care, toothbrushes, personal scales, body care) 3,- Kč
computers and accessories, DVB receivers Memory card readers, copiers, printers and multifunction devices, notebooks and laptops, PCs, scanners, DVB receivers, camcorders, fax machines, portable media players (recorders), cameras 10,- Kč
vacuum cleaners, hobs Microwave ovens, fume hoods, vacuum cleaners, hobs 12,- Kč
recorders and players, audio systems VCRs, CD and DVD players and recorders, hi-fi components (AV receivers, tuners, amplifiers), speakers, audio systems, car radios 30,- Kč
monitors and televisions to the 25 " diagonal monitors and televisions to the 25 " (63 cm) diagonal 33,- Kč
home theatre systems, minidisc game consoles, minidisc, projectors, home theatre, UPS 61,- Kč
white goods stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers, water heaters 66,- Kč
monitors and televisions above 25 " diagonal monitors and televisions above 25 " (63 cm) diagonal 202,- Kč
all cooling refrigerators, freezers, wine and showcases 217,- Kč


Returning old appliances

When you are buying new electrical equipment you can return your old equipment at a collection yard for FREE. You can find the list of collection yards on the sites of Elektrowin. If you are buying a new appliance, we can take care of the old one if you wish. You can find the collecting fees on the sites of Toptrans.

You can find more information on the following sites:

Elektrowin - Ekokom - Asekol REMA systém *  Ministerstvo životního prostředí

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